Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are electric wheelchairs that are powered by long-lasting batteries. A joystick on the chair’s armrest allows the user to regulate the direction and speed of travel. Power wheelchairs provide outstanding maneuverability, making them ideal for usage in homes, stores, and restaurants where you may meet small hallways, sharp corners, or the need to get near to tables, desks, or counters. Physicians typically prescribe power wheelchairs for users who require full-time mobility assistance.

Featured Products


Q 300 M Mini

Go where others can't with the Q300 M Mini: the narrowest TRUE mid-wheel drive QUICKIE power wheelchair with an ultra-small 17" turning radius. Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride with patented all-wheel suspension that independently cushions every wheel. Climb obstacles of up to 3" with 12" drive wheels. Power through tricky terrain with strong, energy efficient 4-pole motors. Plus, the Q300 M Mini has a multi-adjustable seating system and a whole host of styling options.

Permobil M3 Corpus

Meticulously engineered to help you maintain better positioning, feel more secure and reduce driving fatigue so you can conquer daily activities with ease. The compact base of the M3 offers maneuverability in tight spaces without sacrificing performance. Featuring the innovative FlexLink suspension geometry with independent caster swing-arms helping to keep you stable and in control as you traverse the obstacles in your world.

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